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This is Tabby

This is Tabby who was brought into us by a concerned member of the public who had seen him around Portbury Docks for about a week & didn’t appear to have a home. We checked for a microchip & he had one. When we called we were surprised to find he had been missing for over 5 & half years! We think he may have got in a vehicle as he had been found the the other side of Bristol from his home. Here he is being reunited with his owner who had a few tears. He is now back home with his sister telling her all about his adventures!

No owner ever wants to think about their cat going missing, which is why having them microchipped is such a great idea. Unlike with dogs, microchipping your cat isn’t a legal requirement in the UK, but most owners choose to have their cat microchipped anyway. If you move house or change your contact number, it's important to keep the microchipping database up to date. This is easy to do – simply call or email the database to notify them of the change you're making.

Depending on the database your cat is registered with, there may be a small admin fee.