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Nurse Clinics

We run a wide range of nursing clinics designed to provide the best possible care

Nurse Clinics

We run a wide range of nursing clinics designed to provide the best possible care

Our Nurse Clinics are headed up by Danni (RVN) who is a Pet Health Counsellor and has a certificate in cat and dog behaviour. She also holds a certificate in small animal veterinary clinical nutrition and specialises in weight clinics. Danni qualified in 2008 and has been running nurse clinics since 2012. She also runs our popular puppy preschool classes, which each puppy is invited to attend prior to going on walk. She runs the nurse clinics alongside Sarah, Kay, Ali, Amy, Miguel, Abbie & Nikki from our nursing team.

We run a wide range of nursing clinics designed to assist the veterinary surgeons and to provide your pets with the best possible care and are available Monday to Friday.

  • Confidence Clinics
  • Dental Clinics
  • General Nurse Clinics
  • Golden Oldie Club and Senior Health
  • Harness Fitting
  • Pre-Pet and New Pet Clinics
  • Weight Management

Confidence Clinics

These appointments are effectively a training programme for those dogs who are worried at the Vets. It is perfectly understandable for any dog to feel worried at the Vets but that does not mean we need to accept that and not help them to overcome their fear. Dogs that are scared at the Vets will get worse over time to the point where sometimes the quality of the Veterinary care they receive can be compromised, e.g. if the animal cannot be examined conscious.

This service is organised by Danni who specialises in behaviour. If you think your dog may be a candidate for these clinics, then get in touch with reception.

Dental Clinics

In these appointments we will examine your pets’ teeth and give advice on how to improve their oral hygiene. Advice could range from introducing teeth brushing to booking in for a dental procedure.

We can explain & demonstrate how to brush your pets’ teeth and we can also discuss other ways to prevent plaque and tartar build up.

If your pet won’t allow its teeth to be brushed, then book an appointment with the nurse to discuss other options to minimise the development of dental disease.

Preventive treatment will reduce the health conditions associated with dental disease such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease and liver disease.

General Nurse Clinics

In our general clinics, the nurses can give you advice on topics like anti-parasite treatments, nutrition, including weighing your pet, and dental care. Just call our reception team to make an appointment.

In addition to the advice clinics, you can also book a nurse to:

  • Clip your pet’s nails
  • Administer a 2nd vaccination
  • Measure blood pressure
  • Administer allergy vaccines
  • Remove ticks
  • Express anal glands
  • Implant microchips
  • Perform post-operative checks

Some nurse clinics are chargeable, or the treatment/service they provide is chargeable. If you have any questions about cost, then please feel free to call and speak to a member of our reception team.

All nurse clinics including routine nail clips and anal gland expression are included free of charge if you are a Pet Health Club member. For more information on our Pet Health Club please click here.

Behaviour consults are chargeable to PHC members.

Golden Oldie Club and Senior Health

Our Golden Oldie club refers to our free health checks for senior pets over 8 years of age. The appointments are usually 30 min long and include a detailed questionnaire, health check and the chance to get a urine sample tested for a small fee (free of charge for those on our Pet Health Club).

The aim of the appointment is to ensure the owner’s mature pet is kept in tiptop condition and that there is nothing we need to worry about. The nurse will provide advice on how the owner can help them as they get older and what things to look for that can highlight any potential health concerns.

Senior Health Assessment

These appointments are for the older pet too, but they have been pre-arranged by the Vet. The appointment is a chargeable appointment, which includes a health check, blood sampling and testing, urine test and blood pressure measurement.

They are used as monitoring appointments for animals with ongoing health issues or for those who the Vet suspects something may not be right and have recommended the owner come back another time to have the tests ran.

Harness Fitting

Our clinic nurses are specially trained to fit the PerfectFit harness. The design of the PerfectFit harness allows it to fit almost any size and shape of dog. The harness is also fleece-lined to protect a dog’s skin from plastic clips and pieces are adjustable for loosening & tightening where needed.

Every dog will benefit from wearing a harness. Harnesses protect your dog’s throat when they pull, and it allows you to feel more comfortable when walking your dog as you have more control.

If you are interested in getting a harness, then please speak to reception to book a complementary appointment with one of our clinic nurses.

Pre-Pet and New Pet Clinics

These are complimentary advice appointments for those people who are thinking of getting a new pet and would like to seek advice on various topics to do with that ranging from which animal/breed to get, what health concerns you need to be aware of or how to find a good breeder/rescue centre etc.

All of our puppy and kitten owners are invited to bring their new additions into the surgery once a month until they’re six months old. In these appointments, the animal will receive a basic health check including a weight measurement and body condition assessment.

The owner will be asked how the puppy/kitten is getting on and it gives them a chance to ask any questions about anything they need advice on. The appointments are also useful for getting the pet used to coming to the Vet without the need for injections or other more invasive treatment. Sometimes the animal may still be worried about the basic health check which is why each appointment is tailored to what they can cope with so as not to put them off coming back next time.

Weight Management

As a Royal Canin Approved Weight Management Centre, our nurse clinic team run our successful weight clinics for clients struggling with overweight pets. Obesity is a serious risk to health and can lead to complications such as diabetes, mobility issues and heart disease.

Our clinic nurses can advise you on diet, exercise and routine. We will score your pet’s body condition and calculate the ideal target weight. We can discuss different diets and work out amounts for you to feed. If necessary, we may suggest your pet go on to a special weight loss food which is designed to help maintain their muscle mass and encourage fat burning whilst keeping their appetite under control.

Once your pet has started its weight management programme there will be follow up appointments so the nurses can track progress and revaluate feeding amounts to ensure your pet loses weight safely.